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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Confirmed

Clear your calendar for May 5, 2017 because today Marvel Studios has confirmed that Guardians of of the Galazy Vol. 2 is a definite, to the surprise of absolutely no one; I mean, the movie made metric shit tons of money ($773.3 million), achieved a certified fresh score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, and featured […]

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The Wizards of Aus Looks Hilarious

Who says you need a big budget to make a great series?  The Wizards of Aus is an up-and-coming six part comedy series.  Sadly, the release is slated for broadcast TV and not the internet (wtf, right), but fear not– there will also be a later release on their YouTube channel . For all of […]

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Check out the new Star Trek Beyond Trailer If you’re excited about the new Star Trek Beyond traile,r be sure to check out our Black Power Spock Tshirt:

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Batman #49: Bruce Wayne to Don the Cowl Once More

A very strange chapter in Batman’s long, long history may be coming to an end this February in “Batman” issue #49. In the current comic arc, Bruce Wayne has lost his memory following his latest fight with the Joker. Jim Gordon of all people has been wearing the cowl while ol’ Brucie recovered his wits. […]

Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser Trailer
Left 4 Dead 3

More Left 4 Dead 3 Details

Earlier this week we blogged about the much anticipated Left 4 Dead 3 from Valve.  A set release date hasn’t been released, but we some details have made their way to the public.  Here’s what we can expect from Left 4 Dead 3: Time Line Left 4 Dead 3 is being billed as a “sequel-prequel”, […]

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Pokemon Gym

The Pokemon Gym is Real

If you hadn’t heard, an actual honest to goodness Pokemon gym just opened in Osaka, Japan. It’s pretty much a theme park or family fun center, but this is a dream come true for every Pikachu picker and Luchario lover! There are special arcade games to play, educational exhibits, and of course all the staff […]


Left 4 Dead 3 Confirmed!

The Left 4 Dead franchise is about to get a new entry.  Known for it’s great co-op play, the First Person Shooter game series will welcome a third installment in Left 4 Dead 3. While Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 both happen at approximately the same time,  Left 4 Dead 3 will […]

Fallout 4 Easter Eggs

Fallout 4 Easter Eggs

Bethesda games are always jam-packed with content. The Fallout series especially is renowned for holding way, way more Easter eggs and references than anyone could ever find. Remember Uncle Leo the Buddhist Super Mutant? An Imgur user who goes by 1Times has found several a great reference to the Alien and Prometheus films in Fallout […]

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Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men Trailer

The actual Dragon Ball movie was so bad, it doesn’t even make for good Mystery Science Theater fodder.  Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men is a fan-produced DBZ film that seems to get it right. Dragon Ball Z: The Fall of Men