Did you see Him?

Okay, let me slow down a little…First, find and look at the NEW Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War (2016) Trailer. Okay, its Captain America movie…But, the only thing i hear everyone getting happy about is Spider-Man played by Tom Holland. Which i have to say look’s Good. Hopfuly it stay true to the comic.

Knock Knock

The Coolest Things About Attack On Titan

The Coolest things about Attack On Titan… 1. Eren Jaeger –  The power to change into a Titan– what’s Cooler then that? 2. Titans –  Okay, being a Titan is not all that cool with the whole instinctively attack and eat humans on sight part. But I can get past that. 3. Vertical Maneuvering Equipment(VMEs) – […]

Fallout 4 Easter Eggs

Fallout 4 Easter Eggs

Bethesda games are always jam-packed with content. The Fallout series especially is renowned for holding way, way more Easter eggs and references than anyone could ever find. Remember Uncle Leo the Buddhist Super Mutant? An Imgur user who goes by 1Times has found several a great reference to the Alien and Prometheus films in Fallout […]