Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Confirmed

Clear your calendar for May 5, 2017 because today Marvel Studios has confirmed that Guardians of of the Galazy Vol. 2 is a definite, to the surprise of absolutely no one; I mean, the movie made metric shit tons of money ($773.3 million), achieved a certified fresh score of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, and featured a likely Infinity Wars teaser. You’d have to be dumb to not make a sequel out of that.

James Gunn will be returning to direct the sequel, and fan favorites Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel will be reprising their roles.  In addition, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will also include Pom Klementieff (“Oldboy”), Elizabeth Debicki (“The Great Gatsby,” “Everest”), Chris Sullivan (“The Knick,” “The Drop”) and Kurt Russell (“The Hateful Eight,” “Furious 7”).  Their exact roles are not yet clear, although their is a lot of fan speculation on that, plus what the new storyline will be. I’d put my money on Vol. 2 using the comic’s Annihilation War storyline as plot fodder.



The Wizards of Aus Looks Hilarious

Who says you need a big budget to make a great series?  The Wizards of Aus is an up-and-coming six part comedy series.  Sadly, the release is slated for broadcast TV and not the internet (wtf, right), but fear not– there will also be a later release on their YouTube channel .

For all of you geeks down under who are, for some odd reason, still watching tv, The Wizards of Aus will premiere on SBS over three nights from Tuesday 19th of January 2016 at 8:30pm AEDT.




The Coolest Things About Attack On Titan

The Coolest things about Attack On Titan…

1. Eren Jaeger –  The power to change into a Titan– what’s Cooler then that?

2. Titans –  Okay, being a Titan is not all that cool with the whole instinctively attack and eat humans on sight part. But I can get past that.

3. Vertical Maneuvering Equipment(VMEs) – Who in there right mind would not like to have one?

4. The Walls – Walls can be cool…

5. The Survey Corps – Let’s be real, you got to be either insane or a bad-ass to fight with them. But if you are,  you get a  VME 🙂

The anime and manga are great. Now I hear there’s a Live Action Movie in the works…


Batman #49: Bruce Wayne to Don the Cowl Once More

A very strange chapter in Batman’s long, long history may be coming to an end this February in “Batman” issue #49. In the current comic arc, Bruce Wayne has lost his memory following his latest fight with the Joker. Jim Gordon of all people has been wearing the cowl while ol’ Brucie recovered his wits.

The upcoming issue, written by Scott Snyder with guest artist Yanick Paquette (“Swamp Thing”), features the return of Bruce Wayne’s memory, but perhaps not his return to the role of Batman. It is a tough life, after all.

This actually isn’t the first time Bruce Wayne has stepped aside as the Dark Knight. At various times across the vast continuity that is the DC multiverse, everyone from Robin to Superman has filled in on the streets of Gotham. This has been a particularly long stretch though, at almost eight months. Let’s hope the big guy takes up the cape once again come February!


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More Left 4 Dead 3 Details

Earlier this week we blogged about the much anticipated Left 4 Dead 3 from Valve.  A set release date hasn’t been released, but we some details have made their way to the public.  Here’s what we can expect from Left 4 Dead 3:

Time Line

Left 4 Dead 3 is being billed as a “sequel-prequel”, to take place one month before the start of the outbreak.


The four new survivors include:

  • Irvin:  a black gangster  (editor’s note:  why he gotta be a gangster?!)
  • Katherine:  24 year old white woman
  • Keenan:  a comic book nerd
  • Garret Jr:  famous Kenpo fighter who appears as a celebrity in the L4D universe.


Six campaigns have been announced for the new Left 4 Dead 3:   Crash-land, Impasse, Inquisitor Land, Early Destination, Cliff-Hanger and No Mercy.


The Pokemon Gym is Real

If you hadn’t heard, an actual honest to goodness Pokemon gym just opened in Osaka, Japan. It’s pretty much a theme park or family fun center, but this is a dream come true for every Pikachu picker and Luchario lover! There are special arcade games to play, educational exhibits, and of course all the staff are in character as Pokemon trainers. Pokemon is especially well suited to this. Some other games might not work as well.

Far Cry 4 – Trek through a simulated mountain while industrial fans blow fake snow at you. At the exit, a cast member in a Yeti suit discusses philosophy and/or tries to eat you.

Need for Speed – Drive three hours against traffic to get to the park. You did it! Bye, now!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Two words. Fulton Ride!

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate – Ride a train around the park, enjoying the sounds and smells of Industrial Revolution London. Frequent stabbing!

Mario Maker – Under construction. Feel free to jump around!

What video game franchises would you like to see come to life? Got any serious ideas?


Left 4 Dead 3 Confirmed!

The Left 4 Dead franchise is about to get a new entry.  Known for it’s great co-op play, the First Person Shooter game series will welcome a third installment in Left 4 Dead 3. While Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 both happen at approximately the same time,  Left 4 Dead 3 will be a prequel that takes place immediately prior to the zombie outbreak.  There has been no hard date, but rumor has it that the game will be slated for release in either 2016 or early 2017. Supposedly, six levels will be available, with (one can assume based on the other games), more levels released later as DLC.

In keeping with the setup of it’s predecessors, Left 4 Dead 3 will feature four playable characters: female survivor, Katherine, a24-year-old Caucasian; a gangster named Irvin; a comic book nerd named Keenan; and a famous Kenpo fighter in the “Left 4 Dead” franchise named Garrett Jr.

So, what new weapons and infected will the survivors encounter?  That remains to be seen.  Check back for more updates on Left 4 Dead 3.


Fallout 4 Easter Eggs

Bethesda games are always jam-packed with content. The Fallout series especially is renowned for holding way, way more Easter eggs and references than anyone could ever find. Remember Uncle Leo the Buddhist Super Mutant?

An Imgur user who goes by 1Times has found several a great reference to the Alien and Prometheus films in Fallout 4. It’s a little bit of a nerdy stretch, but then, all the greatest Easter eggs are.

In a seemingly random spot in the wastelands of Commonwealth, you’ll find a junk item simply called “flux sensor.” It doesn’t do anything for you, but inspecting the item in your inventory will yield a serial number of CM-88B 180924609. A little Googling reveals that this is none of other than the registration number of the USCSS Nostromo, the ill-fated ship crewed by Ripley in the first Alien film.

Is this a crossover? Did Ripley crash-land on a blasted Earth in her past and our future? It doesn’t really jibe with the timeline of either franchise. Unless Doctor Who was involved. Or they got straight up Event Horizon’ed. Probably not, but who knows?

If you’d like to see the flux sensor for yourself, 1Times has placed pictures and a guide on his Imgur page at