More Left 4 Dead 3 Details

Earlier this week we blogged about the much anticipated Left 4 Dead 3 from Valve.  A set release date hasn’t been released, but we some details have made their way to the public.  Here’s what we can expect from Left 4 Dead 3:

Time Line

Left 4 Dead 3 is being billed as a “sequel-prequel”, to take place one month before the start of the outbreak.


The four new survivors include:

  • Irvin:  a black gangster  (editor’s note:  why he gotta be a gangster?!)
  • Katherine:  24 year old white woman
  • Keenan:  a comic book nerd
  • Garret Jr:  famous Kenpo fighter who appears as a celebrity in the L4D universe.


Six campaigns have been announced for the new Left 4 Dead 3:   Crash-land, Impasse, Inquisitor Land, Early Destination, Cliff-Hanger and No Mercy.


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