Batman #49: Bruce Wayne to Don the Cowl Once More

A very strange chapter in Batman’s long, long history may be coming to an end this February in “Batman” issue #49. In the current comic arc, Bruce Wayne has lost his memory following his latest fight with the Joker. Jim Gordon of all people has been wearing the cowl while ol’ Brucie recovered his wits.

The upcoming issue, written by Scott Snyder with guest artist Yanick Paquette (“Swamp Thing”), features the return of Bruce Wayne’s memory, but perhaps not his return to the role of Batman. It is a tough life, after all.

This actually isn’t the first time Bruce Wayne has stepped aside as the Dark Knight. At various times across the vast continuity that is the DC multiverse, everyone from Robin to Superman has filled in on the streets of Gotham. This has been a particularly long stretch though, at almost eight months. Let’s hope the big guy takes up the cape once again come February!


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